Welcome to my corner of the Internet

I’m Tim, and like everyone, I have a story. My story is filled with what your’s is full of. Good and bad, right turns and wrong turns, the wide path, and the path seldom traveled.

Honestly, it took my a while to find the confidence to tell my tale. I was bullied relentlessly in my younger years and it nearly destroyed me at the time. I’ve battled chronic depression and crippling anxiety for most my life. I’m also a suicide attempt survivor. Because of these experiences, I’ve grown to have a passion for mental health and suicide prevention advocacy.

I’m a walking testament that life has many peaks and valleys and even through the darkest night of your soul, there’s still hope. There’s always someone out there who could benefit from your story, the good parts as well as the not so good parts, even if that person is future you. And what’s more? I believe the not so good parts are the parts that seem to speak to people the most. A me too type of experience happens when we acknowledge we struggle. The messiness of our individual lives may just be the thing that binds our collective souls together the most. It’s a healing salve to our weary souls when we hear the story of someone else who went through what we, ourselves are dealing with.

That’s what I intend to do here. I want to tell the narrative of what I’ve gone through, the arc of my life. Sometimes as it happens. Maybe through what I’ve been through, someone else out there can see that they’re not alone. Maybe the cracks in my narrative can shed some light into your’s.

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