The Rotten Truth

As I’ve mentioned before, The Gospel Coalition has been a huge detriment to my faith. That, and homophobic statements like The Nashville Statement, make it abundantly clear to me that evangelical Christianity has no place for me or my community.

Honestly? I see Christ more in my new LGBTQ+ friends than I ever did in the majority of those that led my Christian school or the majority of what I’ve seen in white, evangelical churches. I’ve talked to a number of people, both LGBTQ+ and not, who are vastly dissatisfied at what evangelicalism has done to my community.

It took me years to make peace with the fact that I was gay. It took me even longer to say it out loud, and even longer still to be able to tell someone. Even then, the first person I told was forced to out me to myself with a game of 20 Questions. There was serious shame. All brought on by the way any sort of sexuality was taught to me. It was all bad in the eyes of those I grew up around. But being gay?

That was unthinkable.

Maybe it’s out of fear, or losing status, or losing their job that no one who’s dissatisfied says anything. I can empathize with that, I guess.

After all, that’s what happened to me.

I lost the clout I had with my Christian school when I came out and many people who once sang my praises slowly bowed out of my life. The kid who God was once turning into a “solid Christian man” was now an enemy combatant in their ill-fated culture war. Someone to be pitied. Someone to send homophobic articles to because you just “love me enough to tell me the truth.”

But your truth does nothing more than lie, steal, and destroy the lives of queer people every day. Your truth forces LGBTQ+ youth out of their homes and onto the streets because their parents can’t accept any deviation from that truth.

No, your truth is nothing but poison. It’s rotten to its core. And it’s high time more people step up and call it what it is. Your reputation be damned. People are dying here.

The Gospel Coalition can take all its truth with them and see themselves out. And they can take their fake, white Republican Jesus with them. God is much too big to make us all different and then expect us to be the same.

That would be pretty silly, now wouldn’t it?

Published by Tim Coe

Hi there! I'm Tim. I have a passion for mental health and suicide prevention. I'm also a techie, writer, video editor, graphic designer, and coffee lover.

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